Study in Slovenia

Terms & Conditions


    Payments may be made by bank transfer or credit card and must be received in full immediately after granted Visa / temporary residence permit. A deposit must be paid immediately upon successful interview. An offer of admission will only be sent when a deposit has been received. Bank details are provided on the conditional offer of admission.

    Payment must include all bank transfer charges (including intermediary bank charges).


    • Payment must be received in full after to any visa documents being issued and temporary residence permit card / Visa D pick-up at the Embassy or Administrative Unit of the Republic of Slovenia. There is a charge of 55 EUR each time additional documents have to be sent by courier. If a visa application is rejected and we receive written evidence at least 7 days prior to arrival, we will refund the deposit received in full, less any bank charges and any non-refundable fees (tuition fee 400 EUR, courier fees, legalisation fees and bank charges).
    • A cancellation fee equivalent to 2 month of accommodation and tuition in addition to non-refundable charges (above) will apply if we receive written evidence of visa rejection fewer than 7 days prior to arrival.
    • Should Academia receive positive visa / temporary residence permit application results fewer than 7 working days prior to arrival, Academia reserves the right to offer alternative accommodation.
    • Should the arrival day be postponed due to delayed visa / temporary residence permit applications Academia cannot guarantee the original accommodation allocation.
    • Academia cannot be held responsible for decisions taken by embassies or immigration police regarding entry visas / temporary residence permit or visa extensions.
    • Visa / temporary residence permit advice can only be given by the appropriate Embassy, Consulate or High Commission. Students should contact their local Embassy, Consulate or High Commission to ensure they are allowed to enter and study in their chosen location. Students must maintain a valid visa / temporary residence permit status and their course will be terminated without a valid visa / temporary residence permit. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the most updated regulations/processes are being followed. Academia cannot be held responsible for any visa regulation changes which occur after the admission has been confirmed in compliance with the then existing regulations.


    • Written notification of cancellation must be submitted on a form provided by Academia in order to provide refunds. All refunds are made to the original fee payer.
    • If Academia cancels a programme after a student’s enrolment, Academia will refund all monies already paid.
    • Students who require a visa/temporary residence permit may not be able to shorten their studies due to the terms of their visa/temporary residence permit.
    • The refund will be made within 45 days.

    Refunds are not eligible if –

    • Student decides no longer take up the offer of a place on the programme at Academia
    • Student does not secure funding for your programme of study
    • Student does not enrol at Academia and withdraw / have been withdrawn from your studies at any time before completion of the programme

    All refund requests must be received within 90 days of the visa refusal notice. To request a refund, students must submit the following paperwork to Academia’s recognised country representative or the International Admissions Office.

    • Copy of the official offer of admission (unconditional)
    • The refusal letter from the visa office

    Course cancellation, reduction after arrival or “no shows”:

    Lessons cannot be cancelled. Tuition fees are not refundable.


    Academia reserves the right to charge an administration fee of 150 EUR each time the course, accommodation or college is changed or postponed after Academia has confirmed the initial enrolment. This also includes requests for changes whilst the student is at college.


    Session breaks are dependent upon location, course duration and visa requirements and are subject to Academia’s session break policy – Academic calendar.


    All Academia colleges will be closed on Public Holidays. Colleges do not make up for lessons missed on these dates. There is no refund for lessons missed.

    Published course start dates fall on a Monday. If this day is a public holiday, the course will begin on the following working day.


    Colleges will be closed from 23 Dec to 02 Jan (inclusive). Lessons will not be made up on these days.


    Academia reserves the right to reduce the number of lessons in a class due to insufficient number of students.


    30 EUR


    If a student does not have the minimum level of English required to follow a study programme, as determined by Academia, Academia reserves the right to move the student to an appropriate study programme for their level.


    Recipients of scholarship or government grants should expect to pay a deposit to the school they are attending in cases where reimbursement to the school is not provided prior to the student commencing their course.


    Flight details including: arrival time, flight numbers, airline and point of origin must be advised 7 days prior to arrival in order for Academia to provide airport transfers. No refunds will be granted on transfers if flight details are not sent to Academia at least 7 days prior to arrival. Airport transfer fees include a maximum of 1/2 hour waiting time. In the event of delays exceeding 1/2 hour, students will be charged the additional fee at the college. There might be a waiting window provided by Academia’s transfer provider, which do not exceed 4 hours.


    • Courses run from Monday to Friday and are scheduled in the morning and/or afternoon. Specific timetables cannot be guaranteed.
    • Special focus classes, free language workshops and language activities may vary between colleges and are subject to change due to availability.
    • Private lessons will be scheduled subject to teacher/ classroom availability.
    • Academia reserves the right to use classrooms in alternative premises of a similar standard.


     Academia reserves the right to offer accommodation to a larger number of students than the placements available in the residence in the expectation of some students withdrawing their application from accommodation. It is understood that:

    • Student may have a confirmed placement in the residence but I may initially be required to reside in another similar residence and will receive prior notification of such a change.
    • Academia will endeavour to reassign me as vacancies occur.
    • That Student must be enrolled as a student at Academia. Each academic year student must achieve passes in papers.
    • Acceptance is for the entire period as indicated.
    • Student must pay the fees in the manner and time stated as specified in the Fees Schedule as posted on the website
    • Student must comply with Addendum A – Residential Rules and to abide by the decisions of a duly authorised person acting under the Disciplinary Statute of Academia arising from the breach of such Rules.
    • That if the Resident Manager has serious concerns regarding student’s welfare, safety or behaviour then he/she can contact student’s parents or guardians or nominated emergency contact to discuss appropriate courses of action, after discussion with the student.
    • To authorise Academic Services to release to Accommodation Services and the Resident Manager relevant information to confirm student’s enrolment and contact details, student’s Academic records including student’s academic results and information relating to papers for which student has enrolled.
    • Student should participate in the supportive and harmonious atmosphere in the residence, showing consideration towards other residents and neighbours, and their property.
    • Academia has the right to regularly monitor the cleanliness of apartments/rooms in order to provide quite enjoyment of the accommodation.
    • Should students fail to maintain minimum cleanliness of their rooms / apartments, Academia will on student’s cost order a cleaning service.

     Academia agrees to provide:

    • Quiet enjoyment of the accommodation (and where the accommodation is shared, quiet enjoyment of the residents’ room within the accommodation) and shared use of the common areas of the residence, all of which are subject to the Residential Rules.
    • Support, pastoral care and an environment that is managed in accordance with the Residential Rules which aims to foster personal development and encourage a sense of community and association with fellow residents.
    • Accommodation for the full period as above in a University-managed or affiliated residence.
    • Facilities and furnishings in the residence, as indicated on the website


    • Students arriving between 20.00 – 08.00 may be asked to book alternative accommodation in a hotel on their first night due to late/early arrival at accommodation. Some accommodation options may charge late arrival surcharges, this information is available on request.
    • Where possible special dietary requirements will be accommodated. Availability and any applicable fees will be confirmed upon request.
    • Academia may use carefully selected partners to house students with suitable providers.

    The Residential Rules (with any amendments or additions notified during my residence) form part of this Agreement.

    Academia reserves the right to increase the accommodation fees in the case of there being a change to the level of Value Added Tax (VAT) applicable to student accommodation.

    By accepting the Offer of Admission done by fees payment student:

    • Accepts the offer of accommodation, and acknowledge that this will be my principal place of residence for the duration of the Agreement.
    • Confirms that he/she has read and understood this document and the Residential Rules and the Fees Schedule as posted on the website.
    • Agrees to the obligations which I incur in accepting my place in residence.
    • Confirms that he/she has no criminal convictions, or have declared any such convictions.
    • Agrees to advise Accommodation Services and/or Resident Manager of any change in contact details.
    • Understands that if he/she have provided incorrect information or withheld relevant information this Agreement shall be terminated and I will not be permitted to remain in residence.
    • Acknowledges that the Academia or the Resident Manager accepts no liability for any loss, damage or costs suffered by the resident as a result of another person’s action or inaction.


    Please note Academia does not provide supervision for students who book an adult study programme.


    Academia reserves the right to expel students for unacceptable or unlawful behaviour or lack of attendance. No refund will be given and any unpaid fees become immediately payable. Repatriation is at student’s own expense. Academia requires that students maintain an attendance level of a minimum of 80% or greater.


    Students agree that photographs, videos, artwork or other works, as well as recorded or written testimonials; may be used, stored or transferred internationally by Academia, or by a third party partner, for promotional purposes including printed and online marketing materials and on any social media network without further consent or notification. If students do not wish to participate, Academia will respect their wishes but it is the student’s responsibility to absent themselves from the photograph/video.


    Students must report any mental or physical illness, allergy, disability or condition that may interfere with their ability to successfully complete their programme, that may impact the wellbeing of any other student or staff member, that may require monitoring, treatment or emergency intervention during the student’s period of enrolment, or that may require special accommodation. Academia reserves the right to terminate a student’s enrolment if the students’ participation represents a risk to their, other students or staff members’ health and safety, or if, notwithstanding reasonable accommodations, in the opinion of Academia, the student’s physical or mental condition makes the student unable to successfully complete their programme. Refunds are at the discretion of Academia.


    Students must pay the full cost of any damage they cause to property. Damage deposits apply to accommodation. These are payable prior to the arrival.


    Students must have adequate health, accident and travel insurance while attending any programmes. Academia reserves the right to claim this cost from uninsured students, and during this week students must purchase insurance for their entire stay. Uninsured students may not attend class until proof of insurance is available, and will not be refunded for lost class time.


    Academia and its staff and representatives will not be liable for loss, damage or injury to persons or property howsoever caused, except where liability is expressly imposed by law. Academia will not be liable in the event that any service contracted to be supplied by Academia becomes impossible to supply for any reason or any cause outside the control of Academia.


    Academia will not be responsible for any failure to comply with any of its obligations (and therefore shall not be required to provide any compensation) if the failure is occasioned by any cause beyond Academia’s reasonable control. Nor shall Academia be responsible for any costs incurred by or on behalf of the student as a result of any such cause. Such causes shall include but shall not be limited to act of government, war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, unusually adverse weather conditions and infectious diseases.


    Students attending an on campus college are advised that campus facilities may not be available during campus holidays. On Campus colleges may require students to provide a Health Declaration and Immunization form in advance of arrival.


    Academia Terms and Conditions are applicable to all students and partners representing students.


    Prices are valid from 1 November 2016. Prices are subject to change without notice and will be confirmed upon invoicing.


    The current Academia Terms and Conditions supersede any previous Terms & Conditions that were applicable at the time of student’s booking.