Study in Slovenia

Studying at Academia

What's it like studying at Academia?

Beginning of your studies at higher education institution is both a challenging end exciting experience. The environment provides many different opportunities to learn.

Lectures and tutorials

At the beginning you will attend lecturers of listen to a web-cast and then participate in a range of other types of activities such as workshops, small group tutorials, supervised and unsupervised computer labs and online revision exercises and quizzes. In addition, you will be able to access further help and advice on either individual or small group basis through problem clinics or office hours. 

Lab work

In technical study programmes such as mechanical engineering, you will be using labs to conduct lab work like measurements of materials or similar. You will be using live industry leading institutes to test your theoretical knowledge in practise. 

Exams and assessment

For most courses there are final examinations, which are held at the end of each course. However, an important component of most final grades is often the internally asses work that is completed during each course. The type of assessment vary from case studies, essays, seminars and presentations, to group projects, lab exercise and class tests. You are also expected to spend time on completing set readings as well as preparing case study and tutorial material for discussion in class. 

Practical experience

All our programmes are designed to provide students with real-life experience by conducting at least 800 hours of internship in a real company or enterprise.

In addition our programmes provide many opportunities for you to develop sound written and oral business communication skills. These will aid you in developing your skills and teamwork and project management. Also, reality-based cases and supervised project work provide you with valuable practical experiences that will assist you in developing a real-world understanding. 

What can I expect the workload to be like?

The average student should expect to put in at least 40 hours per week. This workload is not usually evenly spread through the academic year as time demands are likely to be heaviest near the exams. The Academia’s Learning Services provides students with useful support and advice on how to “study smarter not harder”. 

Our software partners

We partnered with leading multinational software developers such as Google, Microsoft and Adobe to provide you with modern facilities and software at our college. 



Support services

Academic support

Libraries and Learning Services

Libraries and Learning Services provides resources, workshops and advice to help you successfully complete your study.

In addition to Maribor Public Library there are specific libraries available to you with addition to Academia’s online resources. Your student online access allows you to search a diverse collection of electronic resources, including databases, e-journals and e-books, accessible anytime from anywhere. Within the libraries you can access large collections of print, multimedia and micro text materials.

We also offer workshops to improve your academic skills, covering topics such as writing skills, finding course reading and articles, referencing, exam preparation, mathematics and statistics support, literature searching, time management, research methods and data analysis, and presentation skills. 

Personal support

Meet and greet

The international Office provides an airport transfer service for all new and current international students arriving to Slovenia. This is a great way to avoid the stress of finding your own way to your accommodation, you will be met and given information to help you settle into life in Slovenia.


The International Office arranges an Orientation programme for new international students. It is design to welcome you and give you all the information you need about Academia and living here. A range of social and cultural activities provides you with a great opportunity to meet people and make friends.

International student information centre

The international Student Information Centre is the first point of contact for international students on a wide range of matters including enquires about studying and living in Slovenia, immigration, health and work. You can also renew your student visa at the centre.

Career Development and Employment Services

What does your future look like? Let Career and Development and Employment Services (CDES) help you build your preferred future.

CDES can assist you identify the opportunities available to you while providing you with resources and tips that can help you to successfully transition into the “world of work”.

A team of Career Development Consultants works closely with organisations and each study programme to create tailored programmes to meet specific student career development need.

CDES also hosts events such as careers expos, networking opportunities and employer presentations to help you meet and talk with potential employers.


Students of all religious and cultural beliefs are welcome at Academia. Nearby there are noumerous churches, as well as a Muslim prayer room.

Personal development

Volunteer Hub

Volunteering is a great way to make friends, get to know the city, and gain new skills and experience. Through Volunteer Hub you can access a range of volunteering projects as well as apply to receive official recognition for your volunteering from the Academia.



Where can it take you?

As a graduate you will need a set of transferable skills to ensure your success. The skills and knowledge you gain at Academia will give you an excellent foundation for many careers.

Skills that employers value
 Critical and creative thinking

During your studies you will have the opportunity to develop thinking skills and enquiring mind. You will:

  • Analyse problems and evaluate solutions
  • Use your judgement and make decisions
  • Engage in reflective and creative thinking

Research and Analysis

You will be taught to recognise when information is needed to learn and locate, evaluate and use this information effectively through the use of:

  • Analytical and research skills
  • (business)models and frameworks
  • Data Analysis
  • Information technologies

Communication skills

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop sound oral and written communication skills, including the ability to make professional presentations
  • develop coherent and justifies arguments
  • strengthen interpersonal communication skills, including the ability to work in teams
  • learn to effectively consult and negotiate

Personal development

You will possess an understanding of values and attitudes consistent with your role as a citizen and member of your professional community. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify and deal with ethical issues
  • interact effectively with and show sensitivity towards others
  • Understand the responsibilities of global citizenship including sustainability
  • exercise leadership in local, national global and professional communities
  • Adapt to uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
Academia Career Centre

Academia Careers Centre has a clear focus on supporting student development. It offers a range of services to assist you with career planning, delivered through a programme of skills workshops, employer interactions and individual support.

The Career Centre will help you develop your employability to secure a successful and rewarding career when you graduate.