School of Media Production

BA (Hons) Creative Media Production

School of Media Production
BA (Hons) Creative Media Production

Begin at Academia College and finish your British degree at Prague College!

Prague College, in partnership with Academia College, have developed a way for successful students to continue their programme in Art & Design or Media Production by moving straight into the final year of the BA degree in Prague.

What you can get from studying with joining the programme

  • British Bachelor’s degree, awarded by the UK’s Teesside University
  • excellent career and internship opportunities
  • independent projects to develop your existing skills
  • an industry-ready portfolio, with mentoring from professionals in the field
  • fellow students and lecturers from around the world
  • small programmes with excellent professor-student ratios and a helpful, small tutorial environment
  • a chance to join one of the most dynamic and advanced job markets in all of Europe (or if you just fall in love with the city, lifestyle, and people!)


Year 1 and 2 at Academia, Slovenia

Introduction to the media5
Economics, legislation and marketing in the media7
Professional terminology in a foreign language and culture5
Multimedia technologies and information science basics5
Media art and visual communication5
Photography and computer graphic10
Multimedia practical course5
Organization and management of media production10
Media communication5
Audio – video production8
Multimedia software10
Project work in graphic design, photography, audio, video or web production10
Diploma thesis5


Year 3 at Prague College, Czech Republic (Czechia)

  • Client-based Production Project
  • Creative Content Development
  • Making it in the Media
  • Current Issues in Media Production
  • Independent Project

Entry and progression requirements


To enroll in this study programme you must have:

  • Completed Secondary / High-School Education – 12 years
  • Entrance exam: portfolio and interview
  • Proof of English Language Level upon entry, which could be one of the following:
    • ELSA Score of at least 380
    • TOELF iBT score of at least 79
    • IELTS score of at least 5.5
    • FCA (A)
    • other equivalent English Assessment, subject to Academia approval
Quota Available

Total quota for enrolment in 2019 / 2020 for the programme is 30.

Recognition of Prior Knowledge

If you have already taken or completed an education in other higher educational institution, we may recognize this knowledge in the courses. Students are to submit the RPK-Form after enrolment. Courses can be recognized fully or partly.

Courses completed 10 years ago or before are a not subject to recognition.

Courses are recognized by Academic Committee on the basis of Lecturers’ recommendation.

Recognition of prior knowledge is free of charge.

Progression requirements into Year 3 at Prague College

All students should complete all workload required from Year 1 and 2 Media production Diploma programme in order to progress into the final year of the BA degree in Prague.