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BA (Hons) International Business Management




I decided to study here because I realized it would be a good investment. And it paid off… Prague College is a modern educational institution, always ready to help its students and provide them with practical knowledge.

Arlind Svarca,
BA (Hons) Int’l Business Management

What you study

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Year 1 and Year 2 (HND) at Academia College in Maribor, Slovenia

Programme Structure

Professional terminology in a foreign language6
Business Communication6
Information Science5
Business mathematics and statistics6
Company organisation and management6
Business Finance basics6
Corporate law6
Quality management5
Product and business process design6
Business logistics5
Diploma Thesis5
Year 3 (Degree) at Prague College in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Business Research Methods
  • Critical Perspectives in Leadership and Management
  • Global Economics and Business Operations
  • Business Project
  • International Finance

Teaching Faculty

How you study


At Academia College

800 Hours of Lectures and Tutorials are in English or Slovenian (student choice)

Lectures and Tutorials are conducted one after another, which enables you to focus on a specific subject and study more effectively.

All Lectures and Lab Work are conducted in English or Slovenian (students may choose the language they prefer), also recorded and available for students on online study portal eAcademia the following day.

Facilities including lecture rooms, computer labs and self-study rooms at Academia are fully accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Slovenia in accordance with high-quality standards.

Guest Lectures

Every theory course students have one guest lecture from an Industry Expert to explain the importance of a particular course for the industry.

Study Trips

In every theory course, students will visit a leading industry company, have the opportunity to network with employers and see the study programme in practice.

800 hours of internship in real-work environment

The internship is an important component of this study programme. In the real-work environment, you will have a mentor from an enterprise who will guide you through an internship. An internship is also a base for diploma thesis.

At Prague College

Prague College’s dedication to practical and experiential learning is underpinned by activities that include practical projects, fieldwork, live projects, internships, business simulations, global and local case studies, ongoing contact with industry and relevant research-based teaching. All classes are held in English.



Entry and progression requirements


Entry requirements

To enroll in this study programme you must have:

  1. Completed Secondary / High-School Education – comparable to Slovenian 12 years of education
  2. Proof of B2 (English or Slovenian) Language Level upon entry, which could be one of the following: ELSA Score of at least 380, TOEFL iBT score of at least 79, IELTS score of at least 5.5, FCA (A), other equivalent English Assessment, subject to Academia approval

Country-specific entry requirements

Please click here to find country-specific requirements for your country.

Progression requirements

For students to progress from Academia College HND to Prague College Degree, they are obliged to complete all requirements for Year 1 and Year 2. Since education in Prague is solely provided in English, students studying in Slovenian should present at least B2 level upon progression. All students should submit a motivational letter of motivation written in appx. 300 words and conduct an interview.

Tuition fees and Scholarships


Tuition fees

Tuition fees may be found here.


Academia merit-based Scholarships

All applicants are eligible to apply for scholarships which may be awarded in consideration of academic excellence, social engagement in school activities or generally in society, financial need and special circumstances. Successful scholarship winners can have from 20% up to 100% of their tuition covered for either a single academic year or the duration of the programme. Apply early. The number of scholarships is limited. More information may be found here.

Prague College Scholarship for Academia students

All students entering the final year at Prague College are entitled to 10% scholarship from Prague College.

About Collaborative Partners


About Academia College

Academia College of Short-Cycle Higher Education offers you a highly respected British tertiary education in Slovenia, with Pearson BTEC accreditation and quality assurance processes. Academia is also a Slovenian accredited College, registered by the Slovenian Ministry of Education for all our short-cycle diploma programmes.


About Prague College

Prague College offers you a highly respected British university education in English in the Czech Republic, with Teesside University and Pearson BTEC accreditation and quality assurance processes. Prague College is the first university with foreign accreditation to be officially registered by the Czech Ministry of Education for all our Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.


About Teesside University

As Prague College’s primary academic partner, Teesside University is responsible for the accreditation and awarding of the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees taught at Prague College. All degrees are taught under what is called “collaborative provision” where both institutions are involved in the delivery and quality assurance of the programme. Teesside is an innovative British public university with an outstanding reputation for learning and teaching excellence, business engagement, international activities and student support.

All publicly funded UK universities are subject to institutional review by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, the national body in the UK responsible for the external quality assurance of all UK universities. The most recent institutional review of Teesside University concluded that “broad confidence can be placed in the soundness of the University’s current management and likely future management of the quality of its academic programmes and the academic standards of its awards.”

Among its numerous recent awards, Teesside University won the Queen’s Anniversary Prize in 2013 for its outstanding work in the fields of enterprise and business engagement. In 2009/10 it was awarded the prestigious title of University of the Year by Times Higher Education.