When a Canarian becomes also a Mariborčan, Argelio´s Eramus+ experience


It was 2018 when I was doing my master’s degree in Marketing and International Trading at the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria. And after a wonderful previous experience in Poland during my first Erasmus+ exchange programme as a student, I decided to apply for a second time, but now as an intern.

I always knew that one day I would move back to Gran Canaria and develop my professional career in my home town. But those days I had a strong feeling to apply for this program because I know that such opportunities come only a few times in life.

The first challenge that I had to face was to find a company to do the internship, I knew from previous years that the most important fact, in this case, was to prepare a nice CV, create an “eramusintern.org” profile and search every day for new internship positions on the website. I have to say that I was really lucky because, just after a couple of weeks, I found the perfect internship position according to my professional profile.

As a marketing student, I knew that helping an educational institution, such as, Academia in the Global Marketing field would give me the chance to develop all the theoretical and practical skills that I learned during my studies. That was the main reason why I decided to apply for Academia´s position and luckily, after a few Skype meetings, they decided to trust in my professional profile to start a new adventure together.

As soon as I got settled in Maribor, I felt a special atmosphere with the city and their people. Maribor is one of the largest cities in Slovenia, but you immediately feel like you know every corner of the city, as you can reach every place in less than 15 minutes of walking. This is something I really appreciate from the city.

I am really taking advantage of all the knowledge and working methods that I am learning during this experience and I feel that I will always be part of this city. Slovenia, as we use to say, is a hidden gem to discover, so I invite future students and interns to explore this amazing country.