Visit the engine room and drives at the circular cabin lift Pohorje


The gondola lift with the lower station about five kilometers from the old town connects the city bustle with tranquil Pohorje. Firstly, in Slovenia and then Yugoslavia, as well as in the Balkans, the funicular was officially opened on November 24, 1957, and in the six decades, as many as 18 million passengers were transported by the current operator.

In 1953 had Maribor around 80,000 inhabitants, so this investment seemed meaningful, and the funicular was an important step forward also due to easier access to Pohorje ski resorts.

During the 60 years, the funicular has undergone both organizational and proprietary transformations and various updates, while the first Golden Fox was organized in Pohorje seven years after the construction of the funicular.

The present cableway was built in December 2009, after one of the pillars fell on the old one. The management of the funicular and other cable cars in Pohorje was taken over by the public company Marprom three years ago after the bankruptcy of the Pohorje Sports Center. In winter it is mainly used by skiers, and in the summer, hikers and mountain bikers.

There are 64 eight-seater cabins on the funicular, which travel about 10 minutes from the lower station to the upper station, with a height of 714 meters, and they travel between 4.5 and 6 meters per second.

The maximum capacity of the funicular is the transport of 1980 passengers per hour.

Through the excursion, students were introduced to the basic laws governing the forms, dimensions and materials of the mechanical elements in order to function as coherently and functionally. On the basis of individual assemblies, we can practically define the loads of machine parts, which represent the spatial system of external forces and moments.

Articulated (universal) shaft
Engine room – electric motor, gearbox and drive shaft
Maintenance workshop