The university jobs you had not thought about


It’s often thought that unless you are embarking on a PhD and eventually joining the university as a member of faculty, your campus days are over as soon as you graduate. If you look beyond the purely academic jobs, however, you’ll find that universities have plenty of other opportunities to offer, from student-focused positions to the more business-y side of things.

Here are some of the roles you might want to look out for.

1. Administration
Universities usually have plenty of admin roles available, from providing general admin support to a specific department or school within the university to working for central offices such as admissions, student accommodation or student finance. You may also come across ‘Research administrator’ or ‘Research support’ roles, which are focussed on helping academics find funding for their research projects and keep track of successful grant and funding applications.

General prerequisites for admin roles are strong communication, organisational, research and IT skills with a keen eye for detail.

2. Student support
There’s a lot of variety in this category: student support could mean helping students find apprenticeships or placements, providing general career advice working for the university’s Careers and Employability service or supporting alumni. Most universities also provide health and well-being services, with jobs including mental health advisor and counselling positions.

While the core requirements for these jobs may wildly differ, on a baseline level they all call for applicants that have excellent people skills and a desire to help others.

3. Business
We may not think of universities as businesses in the conventional sense, but they share some similarities in the way that they are focused on research and innovation and strive to be ahead of the competition.

As a result of this you’ll find that there are quite a few more ‘business-y’ positions on offer: Marketing and Communications officers; Events Managers; Recruitment Executives and Tech support. All of these play a vital role in promoting the university and managing relationships with other institutions.

Universities are often one of the biggest employers in a given area, so it’s worth finding their jobs page and having a browse. Chances are you’ll find something you fancy. As an added benefit, many unis offer generous benefits to their employees, from flexible working arrangements to training opportunities. And there’s that campus bubble, of course…

Source: HN Global