The people entrepreneurs really don’t need around them


When you are starting a business you need supportive people around you; people who can help you, encourage you and motivate you to do better, help you spot flaws in your plan, provide a touchstone of sanity and inspire you to do great things. 

Sometimes, however, there may be people close to you that are masquerading as a positive influence, but are simply not good for you. You’ll probably have a niggling inclination about who those people are, but here are some ways to spot the bad eggs in your basket:

1. The constant pessimist/devil’s advocate
Although you need people who can spot flaws in your plan or people that challenge your ideas, you don’t need doom and gloom merchants. If you feel like they are just projecting their failures on to you or constantly coming up with problems rather than solutions, stop listening to them.

2. The sycophant
Equally you don’t need people who suck up to you and only give you praise. Everyone makes mistakes and that’s how we learn to be great. If they can’t see your mistakes for what they are you can never rely on them for an honest opinion.

3. The connection addict
For some people connections are more about quantity than quality. The connection addict wants to connect for the wrong reasons. They may be a drain on you but will never amount to a meaningful connection. Ditch them!

4. The gossip monger
Gossip can be a guilty pleasure when it’s about other people, but a gossip monger will be gossiping about you too. That means ultimately that you can’t trust this person with your innermost thoughts and ideas. You shouldn’t have to be careful around people in your inner circle.

5. The needy one
Good professional relationships mean that you are there for each other when either of you needs help. If you are constantly having to maintain a relationship for fear of offending the other person or to reassure them that you still care you are using more resources than you have available. Checking in occasionally is a good idea, but avoid the needy people.

6. The narcissist
People who are self-aware are good. People who think everything revolves around them are bad for you: You could end up expending a lot of energy on them and never get anything in return; they will be watching their own back, but never yours and may even take the opportunity to stab you in it to save their own skin. Run for the hills!

The key to having a great inner circle is actually to trust your own instincts: be aware of who makes you feel good, who you learn from, who supports you and who you are happy to support in return. Step away from those who do not tick any of these boxes without guilt or regret.

Source: HN Global