“The impact of digitization on the business activity” is the main diploma topic of business students 2017


Digitization represents a revolution in the business enterprise sector. In the last decade, it aired out the traditional business models and changed the business sector. The use of digital mobile technology allows companies rich selection and opportunities to increase profitabilities, and to develop innovative products and services. The impact is visible in all key business systems:

Administration – services on “the cloud” enable efficient storage and information sharing.

Communication – social networks and mobile technologies enable companies to directly connect, communicate, collaborate and build linkages on the global level.

Saving and distribution – “Internet Things” connects and integrates systems throughout all business structures.

Production – artificial Intelligence (AI) and analysis of large data (Big Data) lead to innovation and development of new products and services.

Changes, however, pose challenges to a company – how the company adapts, how to recruit and retain creative staff, to invest in new technologies and respond to the increasingly competitive environment.

The business students will explore the impact of digital technology on the operation of companies. The students will have the opportunity to examine the practical implications of digital technologies to their (future) jobs and find out how the digitization changes the future labour market. They will get to know challenges as well as opportunities, caused by emerging technologies in companies.

Diploma thesis topic

Students will be able to choose their diploma thesis topic through guest lectures and discussions from various fields of digital transformation:

  • The stages of digital transformation in an organization
  • The challenges of integrating emerging technologies in an organization
  • The implication of digital technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Online selling and how it drives business success
  • Cooperation with customers through digital technologies

The thesis assessment

After submitting the written part, the students will defend their thesis in front of a commission. The diploma thesis will be assessed by an external evaluator from the UK in accordance with the accreditation procedures to ensure the same level of international standards.