The benefits of taking a seasonal job


For most companies, the festive period is the busiest time of the year, with many looking for the best seasonal staff to join their team until the frenzy dies back down.

More than just a good way to earn some extra money during this expensive time of the year, a seasonal role can provide a valuable addition to your CV: it can help fill a gap in your work history and allow you to broaden your skill set. It can also offer new opportunities as you meet new people and broaden your network. Who knows, they might be able to refer you to another opportunity.

Moreover, a seasonal role can help you to broaden your horizons as you work in a role that you might not have thought of doing before. It can help you narrow down the kind of work you enjoy doing and the type you’d rather avoid. And as most seasonal jobs are part-time, you won’t have to put your search for a permanent job on hold.

Companies hiring for seasonal work want people who are conscientious, who won’t let them down during a busy time, who are prepared to have a go at anything, who are resourceful and who are strong team players. This provides a chance for you to prove yourself and to go above and beyond what the employer is asking for, making yourself as indispensable as you can. If an employer is impressed with you, your temporary role could lead to a permanent one.

Before you leave always ask if your employer will act as a reference for other work you apply for and offer your services to cover sick leave, maternity leave holidays or any additional hours. Consider the transferable skills you have picked up when adding the job to your CV or resume.

While the end of the year shopping frenzy might already be in full swing, companies are still posting last-minute jobs as Christmas draws nearer. So there’s still time to land yourself a seasonal role for a productive close to 2018!

Source: HN Global