Surabhi’s first days in Germany


Thanks to the Erasmus + program, after my second year of studies at Academia Higher Education Colleges I had a chance to complete an Erasmus+ internship abroad. Since the first day that I decided to study a Higher National Diploma in Business Tourism, I always wanted to explore and gain some professional experience once I had finished my second year and fortunately, I got a chance to start an internship here in Germany.

This amazing country not far away for Slovenia is a real example of how society can improve and progress, based on the multiculturality, competitiveness and efficiency of their citizens. People from all over the world come into Germany to have a better life and you can feel this cultural mixture in the street, which really impressed me. There are so many different cultures, languages, different types of restaurants and cultural expressions that impressed me and I was very excited to start this adventure.

I arrived in Mettlach, my new city, a few days before the start of the internship, to adapt myself to the new place, where I explored the most basic shops, such as the closest supermarket near my flat and other interesting places like the city centre, green parks and lakes. My new accommodation is a little bit far from my working place but thanks to various public transport services, I can reach my job in less than 15 minutes.

On my first day of internship, I  was excited as well as a bit nervous. I was introduced to all the members of the staff by my mentor and they all welcomed me with a warm heart, something that I will always be thankful for. After that, they showed me my workspace as well as all the different tasks and responsibilities that I will have during these months. I also got a really good impression of the working atmosphere.

I am learning new skills every single day and I really believe that all this knowledge and experiences will help me to overcome challenges in the upcoming future. Mettlach is a touristic place where thousands of people come every day to visit it. It is a growing touristic spot in the southwest of Germany that will show me, how important is to know the touristic industry, to develop and to grow in a challenging working environment.

I believe that this adventure will help me to gain not only work experience but also life skills that will stay with me for a lifetime.