Staff Mobility from Tajikistan by Mahtobkhon Safarova


It was a complete surprise that I was selected for a project, such as the Erasmus + KA1 “Mobility of Training Staff” program and that I could spend a few weeks abroad.

In Tajikistan, I went through all stages of the bureaucratic chain to get permission to travel to Maribor. After completing the paperwork, I went to Moscow, where I stayed for two weeks and waited for a visa. Due to the national holiday Victory Day, I received my visa on the day of my departure to Slovenia. Despite all the nervous moments of staying in Moscow and waiting for a visa, I was looking forward to my arrival in Ljubljana. In addition to travelling to Slovenia, I also had the opportunity to visit my relatives in Russia and to see almost all the sights in Moscow, for which special thanks to Academia.

Upon arrival, Slovenia welcomed me with huge grey clouds and rain. The Ljubljana airport, although small, seemed tremendous to me at that moment and I was worried that I would get lost. With the exact instructions of my supervisor, I followed the directions to the train station from where I reached the final location – Maribor. If I knew that Maribor was such a small town, I wouldn’t have taken a taxi but started exploring the city by on foot on the way to the hostel. I liked Maribor more than the capital city Ljubljana. Maribor has a very pleasant climate and is the second largest city in the country. After seeing many attractions, I was convinced that this is the transport, industrial and wine centre of Slovenia.

My acquaintance with Academia started in mid-May. In the short two-week, I noticed that the work at Academia is really well organized and divided. There is no tension between the staff, since each one has its duties, performs its work and knows the schedule in which these tasks has to be done. I will never forget the atmosphere, the calmness and pleasure at work, and the wonderful aura of the open space of Academia.

In the first few days, I prepared a presentation about my country and gods for the staff of Academia! As a result of climate change, I also got sick, but despite the poor health, I managed to present the details of life in Tajikistan. After a week of work, I was looking forward to my trip to Austria, which was organized with the help of the staff at Academia. In comparison with Tajikistan, Austria has a highly developed tourism sector and transport services, which are official and non-official. I was a bit unlucky because the shops closed at 5 pm on weekends and I couldn’t walk through them. But I saw all the attractions that are in the centre of Vienna, for example, Hofburg, Cathedral of Sv. Štefan, the Spanish Riding School, the Vienna State Opera, the Natural History Museum and Maria-Theresien-Platz, the Albertina, Collegial and Parish Church of St. Peter and more. During my exploration of the city, I noticed that most people in Vienna don’t like to walk at all. For many of them, the distance 3.4 km is a lot and they do not even know the route around the city. Always when I asked for directions, they sent me to the subway or showed me the way on the map of the subway.

A new week at work I started with Erasmus + research. I have found that Erasmus + provides a large number of grants in various areas and on this basis I presented the idea for the project for the Media Production program in my country.

During these exciting days, I realized how our country lags behind European standards of education and development in various fields of activity. I am pleased that we are in the stage of formation and development and that we have someone to look up to!

I have always wanted that our country was more advanced in the field of education and thanks to the Erasmus + program, I had the opportunity to meet with this before in another country.

Do naslednjega srečanja, Maribor!