Staff Mobility from Jordan


As part of the Erasmus + KA1 ICM (International Credit Mobility) program, I attended the training mobility at the Academia Higher Education Colleges in the Republic of Slovenia. This was certainly one of the most extraordinary opportunities in which I had the privilege to participate. I had the great opportunity to improve and further develop my professional and personal experience and skills in the field of international cooperation and development of Erasmus + projects with the aim of establishing and strengthening academic cooperation between the Academia Maribor and the University of Science and Technology in Jordan.

Upon arriving at the Vienna airport, I took the ÖBB train early in the morning to Graz; the capital and largest city in Styria, a green and heavily forested area along the Mura River. In the evening I went for a walk and it started to rain. I was 5 mins away from my hotel near the EuroPlatz close to the Central Railway Station and fortunately, I found SPAR and bought an umbrella so I could go back.

The next day I took a train to Maribor; beautiful, attractive and calm city, with its good geostrategic position, is one of the most cultural and economic centres of Slovenia. Maribor has plenty of natural green spaces and the stunning Drava River, where you can enjoy great scenes as you stroll through the many bridges over the river that connect both sides of the city. It is especially nice in the early morning and at sunset. Maribor is also in direct contact with the surroundings of the Alps, has low environmental stress and an efficient and modernized bus transport network.

I spent valuable days at the Academia Maribor. I have researched and studied several brochures and manuals related to various Erasmus + projects with a focus on capacity building in higher education (CBHE) projects. Together with Academia staff, we discussed these projects and related procedures and the success achieved in this context through smart work, a commitment to clear working standards and good practices.

Based on that, I wrote a preliminary proposal for a worthy project to develop and update a laboratory curriculum at my workplace at the University of Science and Technology, Jordan.

I have also thoroughly read the various curricula offered by mechanical engineering, construction, economics and computer science, where robust courses and assessment are available, with a focus on alignment with industry, the media and other related businesses.

Academia College substantially contributes to Education development in Slovenia and assists its students in securing good internships as it is strongly associated with the University of Maribor and with the industrial sector in Maribor and other cities in Slovenia.