Slovenian Institute for Adult again awarded Academia with the quality certificate OQEA


Adult Education Centre of Slovenia Academia again granted the right to use green quality mark – OQEA.

Academia and educational organization presents to systematically ensure the quality of their services in adult education.

Academia is in the process of re-obtaining the certificate again demonstrated that:

  • the internal processes of quality in adult education embedded in the fundamental strategic documents,
  • address the issue of the quality of adult education in adult education councils or equivalent bodies in the organization of educators,
  • the working committee / group for quality,
  • uses different methods of internal quality assessment of adult education,
  • monitoring and assessment of the various factors of quality of adult education,
  • regular self-evaluation cycles through systematic and derives an in-depth self-evaluation,
  • regular self-evaluation cycles a written action plan for the development of adult education quality,
  • regular self-evaluation cycle introduces improvements in the quality of adult education.
    SIAE Slovenia – ACS

ACS is a central public institution for research and development, quality and education, counseling and evaluation, and information and promotion activities in adult education in the Republic of Slovenia.

Development work Adult Education Centre and the project includes educational organizations supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, since 2004, as well as the European Social Fund.