Scholarships for study visits abroad for 2018/19


Full title: Scholarships for study visits for students and students abroad for 2018 (260th public tender)

Announcement of Scholarship Applications: 9th August 2018 on the website of the Fund and on the eUprava website.

Application Deadline: Applications can be submitted anytime from 3 September 2018 until 30 September 2019.

Applications submitted before or after these dates will be rejected.

The Value of the award: 400.000,00 EUR

The award will financially support students to undertake a study visit abroad for the purpose of:

  • education and
  • practical training.

Education at partner institutions of Academia

The obligations you undertake during summer schools or study visits are recognized as acquired knowledge at the discretion of Academia Higher Education College. More information about partner school programs can be obtained from your school. A range of summer school programs throughout Europe are available on this link.

Practical education

A range of opportunities for practical education experiences, in the form of internships, can be found on The obligations you undertake during this practical education is recognized as acquired knowledge at the discretion of Academia Higher Education College. For more information, please contact your school.

Location, duration, and start

Students can study or practice in any country in the world. The funds are intended for granting scholarships for at least 3-week study visits from 1 June 2018 onwards, with the study visit to begin no later than 30 September 2019. Funds are allocated to cover the direct costs of a study visit.

Students can only apply for one award to cover the costs of a single study visit.

Height of the scholarship

The scholarship is comprised of a basic scholarship and scholarship for travel expenses.

  • The basic scholarship is granted in the amount of no more than EUR 100.00 for each completed week of study visit in which the beneficiary performs obligations that will be subject to recognition upon return, but in the total amount of EUR 2.500,00 for a visit that lasts 25 weeks or more.
  • A scholarship for travel expenses between Slovenia and the country of study visit is granted in the amount of EUR 500.00. If the applicant goes on a study visit to a Member State of the European Union including Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey or if the travel costs are partially or wholly covered from other sources, the scholarship for travel expenses will not be provided.