Project work in video production with new equipment


Academia has decided to enrich the video equipment in order to smoothly carry out practical exercises of the courses “Audio-video production” and “Project work in video production”. Among other things, we bought the following equipment for lights, recording and editing:

  • 2x Panasonic HC-X1E 4K Professional camcorder with Panasonic AJ-WM50P Dual-Band Wireless Module.
  • Sachtler 1001 – System Ace M MS
  • Shootools SLIDER PRO 150 SH03150020
  • BOWENS DOUBLE RISER C STAND Max Height 266cm 8ft 6 “
  • Shootools AUTOPAN C-SHT-SHPRC001
  • Boom PRO stand Quadralite with wheels and a weight 210cm
  • Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 video head + 546GB stand MVKN8TWING
  • Felloni bicolor TP-LONI2-BI-50HO
  • Focusing bicolor LED
  • DC ballast for DLED4-BI
  • Projector for DLED4
  • 4K Monitor Dell 27 “

Media production students can use and borrow software for their individual projects free of charge .

As we encourage creativity and entrepreneurship of our students, the rental equipment for individual projects outside lectures and exercises is already included in the cost of tuition fee. At the same time, students have free access to more than 4,000 online seminars in the field of media production, marketing and operations.

Additionally, Academia will open a new recording studio in Summer 2017!

For generations to come, a new recording studio will be built in summer 2017 at the premises of Academia. The space will be devoted to the implementation of lectures and exercises, independent learning and for open hiring to Maribor people.