Last-minute opportunity for an internship


We are Laura and Marta, friends and classmates. We both study graphic design in Madrid, and we are going to graduate next year.

In the middle of last year, we started looking for internships outside Spain. We liked the idea of being able to travel to a foreign country together and share this experience. At first, we started looking for companies in Portugal, but we didn’t know exactly in which city we would like to work. As the application time was running out, we were not able to apply for internships in Portugal and as we were about to quit our search, we found out about the internship in Maribor.

Academia Higher Education Colleges Maribor contacted our university and we immediately looked into the internship. First, we had an interview with Argelio, an intern at the Academia from Spain, who told us about his experience. Shortly thereafter, we were offered an opportunity to work together and the chance to spend three months in a brand new and unknown place.

Everything was very fast and unexpected. Before we were aware, we already had plane tickets to Slovenia. It is true that we did not know the country or what we would find in it. But the fact that we were going to travel and explore new places was more than enough.

Our journey began on June 12, 2019. First, we flew from Madrid to Vienna and then to Ljubljana. Loaded with suitcases, we arrived at Maribor after 6 hours of travel and 3 hours of waiting. We were exhausted but happy and excited to see the city that welcomed us for three months.

In the beginning, we realized how friendly, quiet and pleasant is this place surrounded by nature. And because of this, we always felt at home here. Although you quickly learn about all the hidden corners, streets, restaurants and bars, you will still discover something new every day. In three months working here, we visited different parts of Slovenia and we were pleasantly surprised by its beautiful scenery. We will never forget the view of the beautiful Lake Bled, the stunning Triglav National Park and the Soča River. It was one of the most unexpected and beautiful experiences we have ever had.

During the summer, we had visits from our relatives and friends, who were surprised and fascinated by the beauty of nature that Slovenia has.

We also visited some nearby countries Croatia, Austria, Hungary and Italy, since Slovenia is an excellent starting point for trips to European countries. Although we came to Maribor to work, we were able to enjoy the summer. We went to the seaside, into the mountains, visited many cities and met wonderful people.

Thanks to the opportunity that Academia gave us, we had a different summer that we enjoyed and worked at the same time. While we were here, we learned a lot and tried to make the most of our time; we tried our best.