Journal Vestnik about the Speculative Design Conference: What to Change for Better Tomorrow?


The Institute for Transmedia Design from Murska Sobota, Sobota Youth and Cultural Club and the Academia Maribor have prepared a five-day event entitled “Future Friends, Friends of the Future” in Maribor; it was about the speculative design. As crucial, they asked the question: what can we change today for a better tomorrow?

“We brought leading practitioners in the field of speculative design to Maribor – from James Auger, who has his works at the permanent exhibition of the New York Museum of Contemporary Art, MOMA, in Design Sight in Tokyo, and co-operates with Ars Electronica in Linz and Matt Ward, who heads the design department at Goldsmith London to Michael Smyth, who teaches at the University of Edinburgh – in short, the personalities who made a huge movement in their field of design,”says Sara Božanić, head of the Institute for Transmedia Design, Murska Sobota:”We invited them here to offer our youth workshops, debates and conferences on new inter and multidisciplinary methods and practices with our emphasis on the relationship between technology and people in the field of speculative design.”

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The workshops were attended by 20 participants from around the world – Mexico, India, America, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, the Czech Republic, Serbia and elsewhere – about 100 people applied for the conference, most of the foreigners again – Germany, Austria and Italy and other countries. One of the most important parts of the event about friends of the future was an open debate.

Sara Božanić: “That we envisioned this on two levels; The first level is intended to tell and show that – when new approaches or new design disciplines are born in the design, it is very important that this is reflected in an educational approach. Why? Because everything goes through education and the first set is dedicated to how to strengthen this segment. The second series talks about the current state of speculative design – what are the priorities, the critique, and what the future is for designer study.”

Future friends co-finances Erasmus+ from the SpeculativeEdu project, a program of the Union for Education, Training, Youth and Sport, aimed at strengthening new educational methods and practices.

The workshops were also attended by the students of the Media Production program of Academia Higher Education Colleges Maribor.

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