Is this a silly season to look for a job?


Unless you’re an elf, work probably isn’t the only thing on your mind as we move into holiday season. For most of us, late-November hits and professional ambitions quickly find themselves usurped by the demands of online present shopping and researching turkey recipes.

To put your job hunt on freeze until January, however, is to overlook one of the most potentially fruitful periods of the year from a recruitment perspective. November and December tend to be among the busiest months of the year for employee turnover as workers look to start the year afresh and hiring managers squeeze the last drops out of their annual recruitment budgets. 

And while getting a new job may seem like a fitting new year’s resolution, the reality is that you are likely to face increased competition from the scores of like-minded professionals thinking exactly the same thing.

Here are our three Rs for conducting your search during this most wonderful time of the year:

1. Review
Evaluate what has gone well in your recent job search and what hasn’t, touch up your CV and devote serious time to covering letters and other application material.

2. Re-connect
Silent days and nights provide a window to get back in touch with the recruiters and prospective employers you were in touch with earlier in the year. Use this time to drop them a quick follow-up email, and maybe even a holiday greetings card.

3. Rub shoulders
The holiday party season is a great time to get out there and mingle with a conveyor belt of parties and other get-togethers providing the perfect platform for networking and developing new job prospects. If nothing else, the common ground of December weather and last-ditch Christmas shopping should provide ample ice-breaking material.

Remember: things may be winding down, but resist the temptation to take the holidays ‘off’ from thinking about your career ambitions. Stay focused and your dream job may be the best gift you end up receiving this winter.

Source: HN Global