Internship in the multicultural city of Prague


At first glance, Prague is a beautiful, historic and tourist town. When you get to know it better, you realize that it’s not just that, but much more. From great food and drink to a large number of young people from all over the world who define the vibrant cultural local scene. Prague is the hot spot for Erasmus mobility if you want to connect with people from different countries. There are also many Americans who come through their mobility programs. So far, I have met two who had worked at the company and two more are coming soon.

I work at a young company called Live Sweaters, which sells sweaters made from special Merino wool. My work is done mainly through computer and phone. Most of the people I interact with because of my job know English, but for some foreigners, the story is a bit different, but so far I haven’t had any difficulty understanding them. Some of the credit goes to the fact that Czech and Slovenian share quite a few similar words and phrases.

I found the apartment located in Prague 10 district via the website. There are many restaurants and pubs nearby, where you get lunch for an average of 4 EUR and beer for 1-1,5 EUR. If you go for an a la carte meal, such as a burger with homemade potatoes and a large beer from a local craft brewery, it costs an average of 8-10 EUR.

They have very good organized public transport, which is also very cheap. If some destinations aren’t covered by public transportation or there is no transportation available, as only specific lines run at night, Uber is also favourable. However, do not take a taxi waiting on the road, as it is very likely that it will cost you a lot of money. A very useful application for public transport is IDOS that displays all lines (metro, bus, tram) and much other information.

I must say that overall the whole experience goes without major problems and I am very happy with everything so far. The only problem I face is problems with the carrier and sometimes not having the mobile data (it happens a few times a week) – which once left me in a tricky situation without navigation in the city.

If you are looking for a new experience in a foreign city and you love beer, a variety of food and fun, and want to work or study in a very diverse international environment, I definitely recommend Prague as a destination for your Erasmus mobility!