Internship in picturesque Maribor


I usually tell stories in chronological order, so I’ll start from the beginning. I had plans to come to Slovenia long before staff from the international department called me. Many say that they have never heard of Slovenia, but this was not my case. In early 2018 I started the search for student exchange programs. The persistence led to the fact that the staff who distribute grants between students reported that a certain college will be accepting applications in the next six months for an internship. I was waiting. And in the middle of the year, it turned out that I became the only one at the university who was nominated for a six-month internship in one of the most picturesque cities in the world.

My journey to Maribor was a real adventure. I’m talking about getting my visa on time, living in a foreign country, almost missing my flight and more. I had to wait for visa for almost a month in a completely different country, and they gave it to me just 4 hours before I was supposed to fly. A plane ticket to Slovenia has already been bought, so you should understand what the tension was. When I finally came to the airport in time, they didn’t let me in and later the flight was delayed. Everything seemed to be against this travel.

As soon as I came to Slovenia, the mountain fell off my shoulders. The plane landed in Ljubljana at night and then I was supposed to go to Maribor, but there was no transportation at that time. That is why I decided to find accommodation at the couch surfer’s house in the capital city since I had 3 weeks of bad experience staying in a hostel in Moscow. It was my first stay at a free lodging and it did not disappoint me. Igor, a host who provides accommodation via the couch surfing website, was very nice and the next day he explained to me how to get to Maribor faster and cheaper, for which I am very grateful to him.

Maribor is a colourful city. And not just because it’s written on a tourist brochure. For real. I can’t take my eyes off the fruit that grows everywhere, it’s as warm as in Asia in the summer and there are many young students here like me. I call Maribor a “chill town” because people seem to enjoy life more and not just live to work. This is where you automatically begin to feel happier. I am very grateful to the professional staff of Academia with whom we have become good friends. However, if you are late for work, you may find yourself talking about your behaviour.

While I was writing this report, it started to rain in mid-August. Now it is fresh and warm at the same time, just as it is in my soul. Most likely, I will spend a few years of my life here, even though I came only a few days ago and even though my plan was to live in Prague. So quickly you can fall in love with a place that gets you addicted and where you feel at home.