In the academic year 2019/2020 Academia starts with the new program – Informatics


Ministry of Education, Science and Sport issued a decision to Academia Higher Education Colleges Maribor on enrollment for the study program Informatics for 60 students from the academic year 2019/2020 onwards.
Academia will implement two guidance modules System Engineering and Software Engineering.

Exceptional internationality and visibility of the program

Students will be offered a parallel entry to the BTEC Higher National Diploma and Computing Program from Great Britain for the acquisition of two diplomas from the Republic of Slovenia and the United Kingdom.

The content of the study program was enriched by the following organizations from the UK: British Computing Society (BCS), Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), University of Kent, University of Hull, ISC2, Uxbridge College, The Tech Partnership, CompTIA, QA Apprenticeships, CISCO, Imago Solutions, National College for Digital Skills.

In cooperation with partner schools in Great Britain, Ireland and the Czech Republic, students will be able to study abroad or continue their studies at partner universities with direct enrollment in the third year: Prague College, Oxford Brooks University, Angila Ruskin University, UCLAN, Teesside University, University of Salford Manchaster.

Professional excursion to Ireland – the Silicon Valley of Europe

Academia Higher Education College Maribor will in cooperation with the partner school, organize a professional excursion to Ireland – the Silicon Valley of Europe for students. Students will be able to visit leading IT companies such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, and Apple.

Upon graduation certificates from IT companies

The implementation of the study program Informatics was developed by Academia in a way that students can complete the certification of IT companies such as CISCO, Oracle (Java) and CompTIA in college graduation.

Academia is the first and only institution in Slovenia to be a member of the European Commission’s Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

In 2016, the European Commission launched the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, which is part of the New Skills Program, to ensure that the right kind of training, skills and support are available to EU citizens. The Coalition supports cooperation between stakeholders in the fields of education, employment and industry with the aim of improving the digital skills of both ICT experts and the wider population.

The Coalition also supports the initiative on internships “Digital opportunity” GD CONNECT. This is hosted by Drop’pin@EURES and aims to strengthen digital skills with cross-border internships for up to 6000 students and new graduates between 2018 and 2020th.