Guest lecture – Ivan Dobaj “Takos”


Guest lecturer Ivan Dobaj, director of the company Junior d.o.o., presented the story of the acquisition, consolidation and development of the business model, recognizable by the Takos brand, to the students of the Economist program in the course Fundamentals of Business Finance. Students were able to get to know the financialcorporate and personal challenges of the entrepreneur in practice and how to respond quickly and effectively.

Mr. Dobaj also presented a vision for the future through his own franchise model “Loncha”, where the investor with financial contribution acquires the management of a designed space (portable container), knowledge, experience and support for an independent career as a provider of high-quality Mexican food “to-go”.

After the presentation, the students were interested in how to obtain financial resources, how to manage the cash flow of the company and what are the biggest challenges in working with clients.