“Globalisation” is the set theme for diploma thesis on Business programme in 2018


The OECD has identified globalisation as follows: “The geographical dispersion of manufacturing and service activities, such as research and development, production, supply and cross-border joint ventures.”

The key implications of globalisation for businesses are:

  • more international trade of goods and services
  • greater migration of labour between countries
  • the emergence of global brands
  • more “outsourcing” of production and services
  • expansion of foreign direct investment

Students will choose their own topic of the diploma work, taking into account the set theme “Globalisation”. Among them, within the practical thesis, based on the real challenges of the companies, they will discuss:

  • advantages and disadvantages of the global business environment
  • how globalization can affect business performance
  • advantages and disadvantages of “outsourcing” and relocation of services or production abroad
  • the link between global business and politics, and challenges that businesses can meet
  • entrance strategies into emerging markets
  • the impact of globalization on the corporate structure of major international companies and their challenges
  • employment of foreign nationals in Slovenia
  • sending employees abroad