Diwali/Tihar celebration in Maribor


The Hindu festival of lights is one of the most important festivals of Hinduism. In India, it is called Diwali, in Nepal, Tihar. In Hindu religion, Diwali or Tihar means the victory of light over darkness, the victory of good over evil, the victory of hope over despair. The celebration includes millions of shining lights on windows around temples and other buildings and, of course, fireworks.

This year in Maribor we will celebrate Diwali or Tihar festival too. One day before celebration we will prepare Indian and Nepalese cookies and food for a festival. We will make rangoli in front of the main doors of student’s apartment. Rangoli is an Indian art created on the floor in living rooms or in front of main doors. Usually, for making rangoli materials like colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals are used. As we are not artists, our rangoli will be small but colorful, as it should be.

On Sunday evening we are preparing the main celebration with small fireworks and our students will play Indian and Nepalese songs on a guitar. And of course, we need to eat all foods which we will prepare a day before Diwali or Tihar. For sure, our Diwali and Tihar celebration will not be so huge as in India and Nepal, but the main point is to feel a little bit of our student’s homeland in Maribor.

We wish to all people who are celebrating – happy Diwali and happy Tihar!

Update, 23th of October 2017

Because of the bad weather in Maribor, we changed the plan for Diwali/Tihar and didn’t celebrate the festival with fireworks. A celebration of Diwali/Tihar was moved into a common place in a student residence. We enjoyed cultural differences with food, music, dance, and students from Spain. As it should be for such a huge and peaceful festival. It was a pleasure to bring Diwali/Tihar to Maribor!
Impatiently waiting for similar events in the future!

Enjoy the photos and feel Diwali/Tihar in Maribor.