Business plan of the company Ograje IN Ltd.


The first part of the diploma thesis presents the theory behind the business plan. The thesis would like to present the meaning the business plan has in researching the business idea, the influence it has on decision making in the company, who prepares and creates the business plan, and whom it is for. It also presents the rules in making the business plan and its components.

This is followed by the presentation of the business plan of the company OGRAJE IN Ltd.

The purpose of the practical part was to use the research and development of the business idea of establishing a company which would produce railing systems to confirm or refute it.

The company would have three permanently employed workers and would engage in the
production of railing systems made of anodised aluminium, the product line would be called
AL LINE, and of stainless steel called FER LINE. The intention of the market research was to find the end consumer group and test how strong the competition would be on the target
market. We made a SWOT analysis for the company and presented the marketing plan for both lines of products.

The business of the company was tested with financial calculations and projections with which we wanted to verify that the company could do business profitably.

The common idea of the graduation thesis is exploring and developing the business idea for the company OGRAJE IN Ltd. as well as directly or indirectly confirming or refuting the five statements which were written in the introduction. Answers and findings are stated in the conclusion of the graduation thesis.