Build your personal brand on YouTube


Whether it’s to watch funny cat compilations, enjoy your favorite artist’s latest live performance or to drool over baking videos, most of us have spent a fair amount of time – and lost a lot of it too! – on YouTube. But have you ever thought of using it for your career?

The growing number of YouTube ‘sensations’ – those who reached fame and fortune via the video-streaming service – shows how getting involved with YouTube, i.e. setting up your own channel and creating your own content, can pay off. Whether they’re comedians, singers, or simply storytellers, they all used their YouTube channels to make a name for themselves, or, in other words, to build their personal brand.

Your personal brand is about how you market yourself and the reputation you build up over time. Ideally, it reflects what you stand for, where your strengths lie and what you can do for others. The stronger the message you’re sending out, the higher the chances of impressing potential employers, clients or customers.

Like blogging, publishing on YouTube can be an extremely useful way to build your personal brand. Perhaps even more so because of its visual element, allowing you to show off your skills in more creative ways, not to mention your personality.

The key to building your personal brand on YouTube is consistency and relatability: a common thread in many of the famous Youtuber’s stories. This means regularly uploading content that speaks to people and as audiences grow, it also becomes a matter of engaging with subscribers and listening to them and giving them what they want.

An interesting example of the power of personal branding is American YouTuber Casey Neistat. A filmmaker from humble beginnings, Casey started ‘vlogging’ (video-blogging) his daily life in 2015. Through his consistent uploading and relatable content he quickly garnered a loyal and impressive following, with his unique yet no-nonsense approach to storytelling becoming the focal point of his success.

Casey’s story shows how you can successfully build your personal brand based on one core skill – in his case, his knack for storytelling – up to the point where your name becomes synonymous with it. It also shows YouTube’s potential as a successful marketing tool suited to show off any number of skills: communication, presentation and organization skills and strong dedication can all be conveyed in one video, whatever the main topic is.

So if there’s something you’re good at and you want to share it with the world, think of giving YouTube a go. To make a success of it you’ll have to have set out a clear strategy and, most of all, you have to be consistent both in when and what you upload.

Not for you? Well, perhaps then it can simply function as a source of inspiration to do what you love – even if that’s a long way away from YouTube.

 Source: HN Global.