Am I entrepreneur material?


While successful entrepreneurs will freely admit there’s a degree of luck involved in every triumph, they may well recognise the innate qualities in themselves that some people just don’t possess. So before you swap your day job for your dream venture it might be worth considering whether you have those innate qualities. Here are some of the character traits you need to have to make it as an entrepreneur:

1. You’re a problem solver
Perhaps the number one quality entrepreneurs have in common is their ability to come up with solutions to challenging situations. You think creatively, are willing to try new things, make the tough decisions when needed and never give up. Rigid thinkers need not apply.

2. You don’t mind uncertainty
For some, the security of a regular pay check is the most important thing to have where work is concerned. That isn’t you; you’re willing to sacrifice financial piece of mind for something you feel passionate about and for the thrill of being your own boss.

3. You think long-term, but with added flexibility
You can cope with short-term uncertainty because you see the bigger picture. As the potential owner of a start-up, your ‘business plan’ is there from product design to marketing and recruitment; you’re always thinking several moves ahead and your plan is constantly evolving.

4. You exercise good judgement
Entrepreneurship and good decision-making go hand in hand. Calculated risks are the name of the game, this means knowing how and when to hire the right people and being able to use (often limited) financial resources wisely.

5. You know the customer comes first
As big as an entrepreneurial ego may be, any successful business owner knows they’re only as good as their last product review. You recognise the needs of your end users and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure a satisfied customer or client.

6. You constantly connect 
Whether it’s directly with individuals within your network or by posting, sharing or updating blogs, ideas or content, you build bridges, maintain them and keep up awareness of yourself and your business. It comes naturally; you don’t need to be reminded.

If you’re genuinely considering starting your own business then you probably already possess a fair smattering of the qualities mentioned above. Combine this with a sizeable helping of passion for your idea and the chances are you’ve already answered the question for yourself.

Source: HN Global