Academia successful in obtaining funds from Erasmus students and staff mobility program


Academia College was successful in two calls of the National Institute for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programs – CMEPIUS for mobility of students and staff in programs and partner countries of the program Erasmus +. The students of higher vocational programs will be able to carry out part of their study obligations and professional practice abroad.

The approved number of mobility in this academic year is 2 via the direct application, and additional 27 places via consortium application within the Vocational colleges community of the Republic of Slovenia.

Academia students often complete the study practice abroad

Students of higher vocational programs at Academia often choose mobility in order to perform the obligatory study practice.

Students can carry out the mobility from 2 up to 12 months, also after graduation. The amount of grant in 2017/2018 is between 350 and 450 EUR per month, depending of the host country.

Special needs

The future Erasmus + students with disabilities have the opportunity to gain additional funds from the “specific needs fund”. For further details contact the Career Service at Academia.

Public Funds

All students who are citizens of the Republic of Slovenia with the temporary residence in Slovenia, or have any other statuses specified in Article 12 of the STIP-1, are below 27 years old, enrolled in the post-secondary or higher education of the first or second instance for the first time, are not managers of companies or private institution directors, are at the time of the Erasmus + mobility entitled the public fund from resources development and scholarship, which is 80 EUR per month.

Additional funds for students from less privileged backgrounds

Students from socially weak backgrounds had the opportunity to apply for Erasmus + Addendum to the scholarship in the year 2016/2017, which amounted 270 EUR per month. The students, eligible for the additional funds or any member of the same household, were receiving national grant, child benefit, social state assistance, income support or supplement for large families.