Academia launches a pilot course with the help of CogBooks – a technology funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Academia Higher Education Colleges Maribor has become the first college in Slovenia to conduct a pilot course within the study program Business for international students, using an innovative project and platform CogBooks which is financed by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Portal content adapted to study outcome and course content

Academia will implement the pilot course in cooperation with other schools which also carry out their programmes in accordance with BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business.

Students will thus have an access to:

  • 20 hours of e-learning material
  • Video materials, articles and interactive activities
  • Communication tool for communication with students from other schools around the world
  • Students will be able to contact tutors live with their questions
Online platform

The mentioned course will be implemented in accordance with the method called “Flipped Classroom” or “Reverted Lecture Room” method. Students will thus gain the knowledge about the course via the internet on their own. The remaining 2/3 of obligations will be organized as classical meetings in forms of seminar exercises for consolidation of learning material through activities on real cases of companies.

“A new generation of courseware is beginning to emerge with capabilities that will have tremendous benefits for students and faculty.” Daniel Greestein, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Student performance at Arizona State University increased for 24%, the proportion of unsuccessful students decreased for 90%

With the use of CogBooks, LinkedIn Learning and e-Academia, Academia college offers comprehensive e-learning support

The Academy provides students with comprehensive e-support in studying on the portal e-Academia, where students are offered:

  • Access to the online lecture-room of a course
  • Access to video lectures
  • Access to e-materials
  • Access to more than 4000 online courses in the field of media production
  • Online student service
  • E-index
  • Access free Microsoft software licenses