Academia in Silicon Valley


Within the organisation of American Chamber Of Commerce AmCham Slovenija, Academia attends the Slovenian government-business delegation to Sillicon Valley.

In addition to other representatives of Slovenian companies, business accelerators and science, major technological corporations and carriers of shared economy will be visited, including IBM, Cisco, HP Enterprise, Microsoft, Salesforce, Boston Consulting Group, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Uber.

Strengthening the use of new technologies in study programs Academia

“For many years, our collaboration with these technology companies enable to our students free access to the software at home and at computer laboratories of Academia, so this four-day visit is an excellent opportunity to strengthen relations and planning of new forms of cooperation.” explains Zan Dapcevic, Head of Business Development at Academia attending the visit.


New models and content of education

The main objective of the visit is to validate a new model of education based of method of student-centered education. With acquired accreditation from Great Britain, Academia is fulfilling the mission of “Learn by doing”.

In each course, students create a project task (for example: market research, video product, study of the object, product design), as well as carry out 800 hours of practice in the company. The study program, together with student’s portfolio of products enables better employment opportunities for our graduates.

By access of sharing economy companies, such as Uber and Airbnb on a Slovenian market, we will enable the presentations of new economic models through guest-lectures during the new academic year. We will learn, how this affects the development of jobs in Slovenia, and how these changes can become advantage of personal and career development after graduation.