Academia – 25 years of learning from experience


The Academia business system celebrated its 25th anniversary at the ceremonial awarding of the diplomas to the new generation of graduates of the Academia Higher Education Colleges Maribor.

In a quarter of a century, more than 10 thousand trainees were sent to 60 international schools in 16 countries on five continents. We distributed more than 50 thousand students jobs from more than 5 thousand companies and organizations, for 6 thousand unemployed we carried out programs of active employment policy and educated more than 4 thousand students in professional study programs of tertiary education in Maribor.

However, we never wanted to be the greatest, our goal was always to be the best. We want that:

  • our graduates are employed in good offices and can create new jobs,
  • we can care for every student and colleague and we can look forward to all their successes,
  • we can transmit best practices from elsewhere – the practice of the best in the world so we can learn and progress together,
  • we can set up a mirror, where we are and wondering how to be even better,
  • we know what the words to ensure quality and excellence in education and our work mean,
  • we can all create and develop at our home in our region of northeastern Slovenia.

Thank you for your trust!

Your Academia