A wonderful experience of Erasmus student from Azerbaijan


In these few months, I have learned so much. I am very grateful for this experience because I gained a lot of new knowledge, I met interesting people and saw many new cities.

Staff at Academia prepared some interesting tasks for me during my stay in Maribor. I started with comparing the economic in education status at universities in Azerbaijan, Turkey an Slovenia. This took me a lot of time, but I enjoyed doing the analysis, checking the data in getting real results.

I managed to establish relations with many Turkish universities for future Erasmus students from Slovenia or Turkey. Later I also did some marketing study on universities in the United States and completed the investigation report together with the International Relations Department.

To sum up I worked a lot and the kind staff at Academia always helped me with everything I needed. Also with the organization of my many trips that I went on the weekends while working here.

In April, I and a group of Erasmus students explored Slovenia. We visited Bled, Bohinj lakes and the Triglav National Park. We also went to the third biggest city in Slovenia, Celje. In Maribor, I went for a hike to Pohorje and made a quick stop at Mariborski otok (Island of Maribor). At the end of April, we also visited the second largest city in Austria, the city of Graz.

In May, I and my Turkish friends went to Paris. The capital of France welcomed us with beautiful historic buildings, numerous museums and great cultural diversity. We stayed there for 2 days, but nonetheless, we saw many historical sights, checked out the Eiffel Tower and waited in a long row to get to the Louvre Museum.

One of the Slovenian cities that also amazed me was Ptuj. The castle above the city offers a wonderful view to the central square and the river Drava.

The other week we went on a trip to Rome. There we saw Collesium, Fontana, Pantheon and more. I really liked this place, but it was very busy and crowded.

And finally, I went to Croatia and Serbia. I enjoyed this trip because I’ve met so many kind people, saw buildings ruined from wars and swum the beautiful Adriatic Sea along the Croatian coast.

In my free time, I also participated in many online courses such as Google Digital Marketing, International Trade, Leadership, Social media and more. For each course, I got a certificate.

I participated in the Erasmus program and gained a lot of experience. I met the most valuable friends, got to know different cultures, been to many countries where I discovered historical places and while all that travelling I also increased my work experience. I will never forget Academia, its staff and Maribor.

Academia in Maribor, hvala za vse!