A guest lecture by SAOP representatives


Within the Informatics course in the program Economist – Accountant, representatives from SAOP presented to the software solutions for accountants.

Minimax is the most popular online accounting program that can be shared by a small company and an accountant service, so the data is entered only once, and at any moment they are completely aligned. Minimax is easy to use and you can use it immediately after a short free presentation.

ERP information system iCenter is adapted to the business processes of a medium and large enterprise or institution with a range of customized software solutions. Using automated analysis of your work processes, you quickly provide quality information for decision-making at the management level and a reduction in operating costs.

Saopnet POS is a simple cash trading program. The program is in line with the Tax Accounting Act. You can start using it in 5 steps without additional deployment, and the legislative and content upgrade of the program is free – even for tax cash.