Surfing & working in a vibrant city – Thomas´ internship in Lisbon


I was glad when I knew that I was having the chance to do an Erasmus+ Internship in the southwest of Europe. Compared to Slovenia, Portugal is a big country and Lisbon is a busy and large city, nothing compared to Maribor. However, the government always tries to keep the city clean and provides lots of different facilities for the citizens, such as a good public transportation service, the metro and bus services operate in a very systematic and convenience way. Besides that, I felt really excited when I knew that I was going to do the internship in a brand new touristic company, “Surfgasm Lda”. My receiving institution is a really cool firm located near the Seaside and on the first day, Mr Helio (my team leader), explained to me what my role is going to be in the organization. After that, he introduced me to my new co-workers and now we are a big team of 30 people.

Something that I have to say about this experience is that since the first day, “Surfgasm Lda” has always provided me with a very friendly environment to learn and grow as a professional. The founder of this firm Mr Tin is a young entrepreneur from Slovenia, so since he knew that I was living in his country for the last 2 years, he has always tried to help me with any problem that I had and sometimes we even make jokes in the Slovenian language. I really appreciate that.

Mr Tin, our boss, came one day and said, “work hard and I will take all stress” so that was a real proof that he always tries to motivate us and that´s something that I like from his way of managing the business. The other staff was also very helpful and is still trying to help me in the daily operations, as well as, teaching me in my specific tasks in case we have a special event. We have a multicultural staff atmosphere, Brazil, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, France or Albania are some of the home countries of my co-workers, so imagine how many cultures and knowledge I am learning during this adventure.  However, we all communicate in English and that will help me to improve my language skills.

As part of the internship experience, we went to the beach with some other members and did surfing. It was my first time and it was completely amazing. On the other side, regarding the bureaucracy procedures, I had some issues with accommodation during the first days, but I was able to find another option with an affordable price. My new apartment it´s just 13 km away from my working place, so I feel quite lucky because I can reach my job in less than 10 minutes by bus

I hope that this Internship will help me to improve my professional skills and I will be able to gain real market knowledge from a completely different touristic region.