Student stories: “With your ideas and our support from development to the finished product”


Company Impedanca, d.o.o. is one of the largest independent distributors of electronic components and batteries in Slovenia. The company is engaged in the development and production of electronic assemblies and devices for its customers. Among them are also producers, traders of electronic components, developers of electronic circuits, service garages, as well as independent researchers and hobby electronics.

Impedanca was founded in 2004, when the owner Marko Završnik was thirsty for the new challenges:

“I started my business because I was working in the trade of electronic components which was too dull and boring. The company in which I worked showed no interest in the expansion of their offers.”

Is a technical company, which in cooperation with partners and the latest technology is involved in the assembly of electronic circuit boards and subassemblies. They are aware of the great importance of education in all areas but especially in an area that is quickly evolving. Therefore, the company’s employees are regularly attending seminars and additional training in order to enhance their professional skills.

Establishment, successful leadership and the expansion of business requires not only knowledge of technology development and production, but also knowledge of the business area. A great contribution to owner’s knowledge on the company’s management and development of marketing strategies was gained through the education at the Academia.

Program Economist – Commerce, provides a useful expertise straight from the field with subjects such as marketing, business communication, sales, purchasing, logistics business, entrepreneurship and others. Marko Završnik told us: Personally, I found especially useful new knowledge from marketing.˝

Company Impendanca d.o.o. will benefit from the knowledge acquired at Academia lahko also at pursuit of a new goals and successful strategic development of the company in the future. The owner entrusted us his vision:

“I wish, that the company will be stable and grow fast, and to increase exports to the EU countries from 30% to 50%.”